The millennial generation is all about using technological advancement for their betterment and if you are someone looking for an industry with huge potential then Reseller Hosting Is a great platform to start with.

So what is Reseller Hosting all about?

Whether someone is starting a new web hosting business or just want to add hosting as an extra value added service as part of his offering then the reseller hosting platform is best suited for them. In a nutshell, if someone got customers who need hosting services, you can purchase a bulk amount of hosting space and resell onto them at healthy profit. It is a great way to add an additional recurring revenue stream to one’s business.

Web Hosting Manager

How it works?

In reseller hosting, you sell hosting services to the clients from a hosting provider (one company) renting hard-drive space and bandwidth to a reseller who simply rents it or sells it to the customers. Here the reseller plays the role of WHM( Web Hosting Manager), and from here he has the complete control of his customer’s accounts, so one can do things like, create plans, create customer accounts etc. Each of the customer gets an unique C-panel login so as to be under a secured one server one service system. This is the key difference between a Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting that in the later one, each customer gets an unique C-panel (Control Panel) login that means they can self-control and look after themselves completely from end-to-end.

Benefits from Reseller Hosting –

  • Zero upfront cost to invest on expensive infrastructure, like, service or software licences.
  • Easily make profitupto 10-20% of the shares.
  • One can have automated Hosting business with automated billing platform.

The best thing about reseller hosting is that one can easily upgrade one’s account according to the increase in demand of the business. The Reseller Hosting is one of the best online platform to make money.