For an amazing experience for any one wanting to travel in luxury, limo ride is the one that meets their expectations. Limo service Chicago enables you to select limos from their varied fleet and that fits your budget.These firms provide their limos in all price ranges and for people from different backgrounds to travel and have that memorable experience in their vehicles. The limos are usually rented for various occassions such as weddings, proms, birthday events, gaming events, corporate travel and events, parties, city tours, airport pickup and drop offs and so on.

However, to get the maximum experience of comfort and luxury from a limo service Chicago, there are certain do’s and don’ts, when followed, will make your travel experience an awesome one.

Limo service


  • Number of passengers– It is very essential to figure out as to how many or exact number of passengers will be travelling in a limo without any last minute add ons. This is essential to make your travel comfortable and hassle free. A limo provider will be able to handover the right vehicle type when precise number of passengers are known to make your trip enjoyable.
  • Maintaining cleanliness– It is essential for passengers to take care of their belongings and take them along once the trip is over to avoid loss of items. Also, it is essential to maintain cleanliness in the limo and not litter to avoid unneccesary extra expenses adding in later.
  • Entry and Exit- Entering a limo only after the chaffeur opens the door for them would be highly recommended for the passengers. Take the empty seats and get moving along to accommodate all the passengers comfortably. Exiting the limo as well should be done only after the chaffeur opens up the door for you. Hence, wait for the entry and exit when boarding a limo.
  • Tip Your Chauffeur- Tip your chauffeur/driver with a small tip of about 20 percent of the overall rent amount of the limo as the limo rental generally does not include the driver’s gratuity. Its a little gratefullness that is shown to the chaffeur to make your travel safe, sound and a comfortable one.


  • Do not go overboard-It is essential for the passengers to not go overboard by crossing their limits illegally or using dangerous substances or doing dangerous activities while travelling in a limo.
  • Treat the chauffeur respectfully– It is totally a no-no to abuse passengers or the chaffeur in any circumstance. Treat them respectfully. However, if there is any issue unforeseen while travelling, the passengers need to inform the limo provider right away inorder to be settled in an appropriate manner.
  • Do not head on to an overambitious Itinerary– Plan your itinerary well and inform the limo service beforehand to avoid too much confusion. This way there shall be ample time with no left out spots and the trip is memorable.

The limos are chaffeured by professionals safely to your destination. Limo service gives you the best touring experience ever all through Chicago.