Spotify provides different tools & resources for promoting your music online. Here given are some ways to increase your followers and Spotify streams:

First sign up for the Spotify Ad Studio

It is the new advertising medium that makes it simple for the users to create as well as manage the Spotify ad campaigns. You may create audio ad of just 30 sec or less. The Spotify users will hear them in the ad breaks between the songs on their desktop and phone platforms. Every ad has the clickable image that is linked to your choice of URL. It is simple to buy spotify plays at

Make the Spotify Code

The Spotify Code is QR-like “scannable” link used for sharing and discovering content at Spotify. You may create the Spotify Codes for the artist profiles, playlists, albums, brand profiles, and songs. Furthermore, you may share the Spotify Code anywhere. Use them on the websites, social media, or anywhere you may embed the Spotify URI code. The fans can also scan their codes by using built-in scanner at Spotify app.

Spotify users

Embed Spotify Button on the Website

Whenever fans click on your Spotify button will become your music followers & Spotify artist profile. Spotify will also notify them if you release the new music and play gigs close to them. It is the simple way of getting more streams and exposure.

Share Spotify link on Your Twitter  and Facebook Account

You may share your Spotify links of the single song, playlist or album. Posting this link on the Facebook page can create 30-second preview. While sharing the song link on the Twitter can create the Audio Card for the fans.

Final Words

Streaming is now advancing this music game, Spotify is at a forefront of music streaming services. Spotify platform is the best ways of sharing your music to the whole world as well as grow your fan base.