Golf Clubs for Seniors: What Should You Choose?

The choice of clubs for senior golfers is slightly different from the choice of clubs for the rest of us. Older players are not swinging the club so quickly and cannot always make regular contact with clubs with a smaller face. By purchasing the right equipment, you can be sure that golf will be as enjoyable as it was when you were young.

One of the main problems that make golf difficult for older players is the speed of swing. Stiff joints, slightly smaller muscles and less flexibility mean that the stick simply does not move as fast. What’s the score? The ball simply does not rise at all. These two hundred years old and beautiful irons 200 yards high become 100 yards (if applicable) along the ground. Golf becomes a frustrating experience.

clubs for senior golfers

So, what can you do to change this? There are two areas that must be addressed. This is the axis and the head of the club itself.

  1. Shaft: The shaft is often a forgotten element in the choice of a golf club. If we think about it, we simply choose ordinary shares. Although this is not so bad for many golfers, in fact it is not the best option for older golfers. The selection of a higher flexible shaft should be a priority. As a general rule, it will be a lighter and more flexible axle, which will really help lift and rotate the ball at slower swing speeds.
  1. Club head: Even if you’ve been playing the sheets for years, as you get older, you should look at the game’s improvement technologies. What is this? Start with a deep cut of the posterior cavity and a large head. Again, it will be much easier to lift the ball in the air with a lower impact speed.

It’s amazing how many golfers who need to know better do not follow this advice. The best golf balls for seniors, of course, are nightclubs, but almost nobody should try to hit them. It is not necessary to take a loss of distance and a less regular contact with age.

An example why not my friend (at the end of the sixties) was thinking about leaving golf last year. He played semi-regularly for many years and usually shoots in the eighties. A stiff back and some arthritis reduced and decreased their hesitation a lot. He was embarrassed to do 4 or 5 shots on the ground with his blades to achieve the fourth short pair.


Now he is playing with a mixed set of hybrids and irons to improve the game. It also uses an older flexible graphite shaft compared to a previous rigid steel shaft. The results are excellent. You can often play green in regulation and, more importantly, return to enjoy your golf.