Marketing, it’s a way to promote a person, a service, a product or a company. Marketing is usually in a form of ads, ads and more ads. Relentless ad campaigns and projects that will help any person or company catapult their popularity by tenfold and in today’s very competitive world you need marketing and ads because if you don’t do this your products, your services, you and your company will be buried in the millions of companies that are reaching for the top and no one will know that you existed.

But As you know ads costs a ton of money, something that not all people have or has the means to. 20 years ago that might be true but in today’s age, it’s no longer necessary to have wads of cash to be spent on ads and marketing because there are cheaper ways to do it and even free. Insert Instagram, just one of the few very popular social media sites out there that offers a free service. It has millions of followers all over the world and it can be used as a good means for marketing and ads.

ads and marketing

Why use Instagram 1: Use Instagram because of the likes, the likes are the reaction of people that will tap if they like your post. It might not look like much but if you got more likes, the nearer your posts is to be on top of the hashtags that you used in your post. It’s like the concept of SEO, the more good contents you have, the more that your page will be on top of any search engine sites.

Why use Instagram 2: Use Instagram because of hashtags. Hashtags are hyperlinks where people can see various photos. Let’s say you hashtag #the best company ever, every single post that used that hashtag, their photos will be directed to it and people will be able to see it even if they don’t know a users personal account and the best thing is that Instagram has promoted the use of hashtags and the more hashtags that you will use the better because you don’t know what post will be viral.

Why use Instagram 3: Use Instagram because of followers. Followers are what matters in Instagram. If people follow you they will see your post. They will be updated on whatever it is that you’re up to. Like for example, your store is having a sale this Father’s day like a Father’s day sale, people that followed you will be able to see it and will know when would be the best time to go to your store. Aside from that, followers can also be your prospects, your passive promoters, a good example of that are followers telling their friends that your store will have a Sale on Father’s day.

Instagram is this very popular social media that has been used by various companies for their marketing ads simply because it’s easy to use, it has millions of users and its free. Because of these sites, it made marketing and ads very easy and cheap that people especially small-time companies don’t necessarily need to spend millions of bucks just for ads. If you need an easy way to get likes, followers and views check out