Pimple scabs are basically the things that come after you do some “pimplelectomy” removal of a pimple. Its composed of antibodies, dried red blood cells, body fluids and sebum. Pimple picking (whatever you want to call it) is a common thing, especially with teens that think’s pimple removal or picking is a good way to get rid of pimples and this is because of the stigma that if you got pimples your ugly and a loser when in fact its not supposed to be that way.

Pricking or removal may not be that dangerous, but you are potentially scarring your face and that will be forever. While scbs are indeed ugly there’s no denying the fact that having one is actually a good thing. Why? Its because it protects your broken skin and provides this environment where it can heal. The bigger your skin break is, the bigger the scab is and if you take that scab before your skin can even heal, it might cause scarring.

preventing pimples

You should still wash your face: Surely you already know that the secret in minimizing or preventing pimples ins thru washing your face and you are not wrong. If you have a scab you still need to wash to avoid getting pimples in other parts of your face. But be conscious about your pimple scab and either skip or just lightly touch it. When you’re done, still lightly pat it dry and that’s it. Just wait for it to do its course.

Prevention is better than cure: The reason why you got the scab is that you pricked or removed your pimple, and why you did such a thing is because you got a pimple. The best way to manage scabs is to manage your pimples and that means knowing what’s causing it. Below you will see the common causes:

  • Low immune system
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Over sebum production
  • Puberty
  • Medications

Using facial wash and cleansers: As you know by now washing soap on your face is a bad idea because it alters the normal ph level of your face and it makes your face dry. This Is why facial wash and cleansers exist, these are specially formulated for your face to help you minimize or prevent pimples from even showing up in your face especially in the areas where it becomes really embarrassing like your nose and forehead.

Pimple scabs are these dried blood (red and white), body fluids, and sebum that was created due to the pricking or removing of your pimple. While scabs promote healing there’s no denying that it makes you look ugly especially if you got more than two of them. The best way to manage a scab is to manage the pimples. And that means knowing what causes pimples and how to combat it. This is where facial washes and cleansers come into the picture. These are scientifically engineered to be friendly to your facial skin’s normal PH level that makes your skin pimple free and healthy. If you want to know a few of the good products that are out there on the market visit SKINFAQ for more details.