A lot of people today wonder how it feels to become an infamous and popular director, producer and entertainer. Little did they know that behind every clasps and applause are tears, sweat and hard work that these people did to be able to entertain.

Basically, every smile and every laugh they give to the audience, viewers and fans is equivalent to a pain they have behind it. Just like rainbows, it always comes after the rain. With them, there is always struggle before there is applause, before there is cheers and before there is triumph.

One of the most infamous artist the industry have known is Logan Sekulow from the successful family of Sekulow. He was one of the best soul artist to make it in the papers, magazines, news and all over the world todays, in fact his one successful production is Laugh O-gram.

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The Laugh O-Gram

Logan Sekulow’s production, the Laugh O-Gram Logan is a studio and media brand that creates unique forms of entertainment and educational learnings and materials. Meanwhile, the original Laugh O-Gram Studios dates back to 1921 and it was founded by the Walt Disney. Yes Walt Disney himself, the struggling artist and animator. Laugh O-gram was considered as the breeding ground for the animation industry and it was definitely a place for young potential and talented individuals to experiment and explore with the latest technology.

By the year 2004, Laugh O-Gram Studios was then re-launched under the guidance of Logan Sekulow. He was indeed known to be the best filmmaker and broadcaster whose credits include working for the biggest, grandest and most famous names in the family including of course the Walt Disney Co. and the Nickelodeon. The first ever feature film was release on a biopic on the early life of Walt Disney and they titled it as “As Dreamers Do”. It was released and distributed all over the world by the help of Vision Films. It was also translated into multiple languages including DVDs available at any Walmart store in the United States.

Of course, Logan Sekulow never stop producing films that people will love. In fact his current release under the Laugh O-Gram brand is the documentary of “Welcome Home, Dick Van Dyke”. It is a rare look into the life of the Hollywood legend artist, Dick Van Dyke. it followed the artist’s return to his humble hometown in Danville, IL and joined him as he tours the city and visits his recently condemned childhood home for the first time in 60 years long. People can definitely hear about his youth stories, his struggles, including Walt Disney, even the efforts and struggles of saving his home and a lot more. Van Dyke may be aged 91, but his childlike wonder and charm has not even faded. The said film is currently touring and circling the film festivals and it is planned with a worldwide release in today’s year, 2018.