Often called as the dome head bolts, timber bolts or others call it mushroom head bolts are commonly used in wood constructions like for marine purposes and other wood applications which its purpose is to strengthen its frames through fastening it tightly.

Its main function is that the head of this type of tension control bolt has two nubs or fins that hold the timbers together to prevent it from turning from each other while being fastened. An oversized timber bolt head is a cost-effective construction material that removes the necessity of a malleable iron washer which is effective in saving money in terms of construction costs.

One of the most advanced and reliable types of this-tension control bolt is its Stainless Steel Timber Bolts variants that are proven to last longer and holds more strength to other types of timber bolts available in the construction industry.

Stainless Steel Timber Bolts

For those who are not familiar of timber bolts, it mainly used for wood constructions and wood applications because of its safety and reliability compared to other fasteners by completely securing two wood planks together while reinforcing strength and stability to it. This is commonly used in constructing houses, as well as pilings and ready-to-assemble furniture pieces.

Also, a lot of carpenters use timber bolts in patios as well as outdoor decks and it is considered as a top choice for those who want to achieve an aesthetic appeal to their wood construction projects.

Timber bolts are usually a top choice because of its smoothness that can add a more sleek finish to any wooden structure’s surface area.

When it comes to its applications, timber bolts come with a unique set of advantages to it which makes it a good and reliable construction material used primarily on wooden projects and it can also be applied or installed to other types of structural frames like metal depending on the project’s demands.

To install a timber bolt in a wooden structure, the carpenter or the builder must completely fit two wooden components together by making sure that the drilled hole has the same size as the square shank of the bolt and to improve the fastening method of the timber bolt, the carpenter have to use a washer and apply it on the opposite side to improve the fastening of the two wooden planks held together by the timber bolt.

When it comes to the bolt’s appearance, timber bolts have the similarity of a carriage bolt and it has also the similar function as the latter. It has a relatively large round dome-shaped head, however, compared to carriage bolts’ smaller dome head.

It has a square underside that comes with four fins that are highly applicable and ideal for wooden structural projects. The four fins functions as a reinforced tightening to strengthen the wooden structure by preventing the bolt from turning to an opposite direction while its large dome head removes the need to use a washer for an added fastening strength since its four fins already function as the main fastener between the two wooden frames or planks.