As we know that online relationship apps are widely popular in the current society today. But most of the people are feeling entertained besides facing risks as well. These online dates welcome new relationships but spoil existing ones. It is a true in reality. Most of the people have experienced this situation in their life. According to reports, online dating app is killing relations in real world relations in the form of friends and relatives.

online dating app account

Let’s focus on some of the key points that affect your mental health which is as discussed as follows;

  • Initially people those who are engage on these dates through online will experience both anxiety and depression at the end. Anxiety feel is all about knowing a person for whom you have welcomed in your life and want to maintain a better relationship with him or her. Depression is making breakup with a person of whom you really loved to be with during a long travel you had previously.
  • People those who reject new friend requests from their online dating app account. It may also become problem to you as you have also been hurt sometimes. The only reason behind this is, you feel bad on rejecting a single person every time only for the sake of your self esteem.
  • Mental health becomes strength by making new relations from the existed relations. This is the only reason, why people are choosing new friends rather than living with old relations. According to physiatrist’s talks, people feel better in building up new relationship community rather than being stressful with your existed ones.
  • Treating these apps are only meant for making new relations, better consume it as pure friendship other than nasty relations. Moreover many people create fake profiles and approaching you as a good friend and let you throw down back to the throne. As these people uses these apps for the sake of sharing their sexual desires other than funny and pure friendly conversations. So these dirty conversations might disturb you and torture you like anything being a girl. Stay away from fake profiles and ensure whether it is original profile or not before going to accept a friend request.


Usage of these online dates and apps lead to inabilities of mental health in the form of depression, over-anxiety and sometimes those who are very sensitive might choose a suicide track especially during their love breakups. So using these apps have to be taken only for entertainment but not for treating it as complicated.