Use of animated product explainer video for maximum gain

Many people are searching for stunning explainer videos in order to boost their market. Our products are affordable and you can reach the large number of audience with the help of our team. We provide the best quality business explainer video to our valuable clients.

Animated ants guaranteed the quality of the product and services. Our team is very hard working and dedicated. We help the clients in their business expansion and provide the exact information about the offered products to your customers. It will let your customers know what you can provide them. Our experts at ants provide you the short business explainer video in a new exciting way. It requires some research work about your business and industry so that you get the right script for your video. Our clients can also provide their own script for the videos. You can find our custom videos pricing. You can select the templated style videos with the huge discount.

We offer different packages as explained below:

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  • Entry level package: It is the video of 60 seconds with 150 words script.
  • Seed: It is the best value package. It is the most suitable package for the client. Here we offer 225 words professional script with 90 seconds high definition video.
  • Best value package: It contains 90 seconds of HD video with 225 words script.
  • Rock: It is the heaviest package offered by us. Here in this video we provide the 300 words script to educate the audience. We also offer the most robust best value package for clients.
  • You can also chose the most electrifying video of 120 seconds with 300 words script.

We are known for our best quality solutions. We have the best copywriters in the industry for providing you the best quality professional script. Brand recognition work is done by logo animation. Motion Graphics and illustrations are used to bring the script to the file. The video get the finishing touch by video editing advertisements. We have a large list of happy and satisfied clients around the globe. Just place a call and we will be in touch with you.