With the internet available to almost everyone, it is not unusual to hear a friend or a relative trying to meet potential dates through online dating.  At the moment, we hear varying personal stories from online daters that are either successful, funny, or horrific.

While naturally dating companies will boost the effectiveness of its services, on one hand, you will hear a differing story from the media illustrating the other side of online dating. Fortunately, there is now sufficient research available for us to know the facts about this popular activity.

Whether you are actively dating or just recently starting with online chat, read this article to learn valuable insights about online dating.

traditional dating

The saying “Opposites don’t attract” still holds true

Researchers studied data coming from 65,000 online daters and based on results individuals are still selecting potential dates with characteristics similar to them.

With that said, it proves then that online dating is not so far off with traditional dating. Indeed, with the abundance of niche-specific dating apps, this discovery comes as no surprise. Presently, you will find apps matching people with the same music tastes, apps matching people based on their dogs, and so much more.

Online dating fosters diversity

One research studied 2,670 married couples located in the UK, Australia, and Spain. Based on the study, online daters were more receptive to a disparity in age and educational background versus those couples who met traditionally.

In any case, it can be then argued that internet dating is changing the rules of marriage by uniting various types of people who naturally would have never met.

Online daters do not equate to losers

Researchers found little evidence proving that online dating is the last resort for social outcasts and weirdos. What researchers discovered is quite the opposite, online daters are sociable, with high self-esteem, and less dating uneasiness.

The study didn’t find any evidence saying these people turned to the internet because they can’t find a date on their own. On the contrary, it’s just another avenue for them to meet people.

Adhere to the KISS rule

A study made by an online dating site shows that only 30% of men’s messages to women received replies and 45% of women’s messages to men elicited a response.  The same study also found that the number which resulted in a full conversation is much inferior.

Thus, forget about composing lengthy customized messages or creative essays. If you want a potential date to reply to your message follow KISS or the keep it short and simple rule. Saying “Hi” or “Hey” may not get you a rapid response, however, remember to send a short and simple initial message that will catch the other person’s attention.