A relationship is a craze among many but there are some people who try to avoid it as much as they can. The feeling of fear and never lets them give a chance to anyone nor even themselves. This is a coward thing to do. The relationship is the best thing that can happen to anyone. However, the matter of fact is the person you are with has to be the perfect one as well. There is some fear among many singles that resist them to not be committed again through free online dating.

They fear to get hurt again

The biggest fear that anyone has is that they don’t want to be the victim of getting hurt. They fear that the person they are going to love will again leave them. They fear to be venerable with the commitment, as they can’t handle another heartbreak again.

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To them I want to say that they are no gain without pain, you have to let in pain for that perfect partner through free online dating. Maybe this situation was built so that you can learn from it and apply in the future relationship. Not to be rude but you can’t clap with one hand; maybe you also had some problem with you that lead to the breakup. Hence, learn from the mistakes and move to the next step. You never know how beautiful a person can turn out to be.

They could not find their ex in the new one

Some may be so deeply in love with their ex that they try to find the relevance to the new one. If they could not find that, they don’t try to proceed. However no to people in the world is the same. If you stick to that then you are most likely to never find that person again. Moreover, you don’t want the new person to leave you as well I guess. Because if you try to find that person in the new one then that person will also leave you.


Turn don’t your fear and move forward with the new journey. There are a hell lot of singles that would make you feel alive again.