In order to get rid of risks associated with static IP addresses an alternate IP addresses are initiated to the users. There are specific cyber criminals; solely website owners are tracking your personal data through your IP address. It is possible when you once visited their site.  In fact, to find out how to check ip address you will find through search engines effectively.

getting your IP addresses

Reasons of getting your IP addresses to third parties or hackers:

  • Initially you need to be aware of how to check ip address is mandatory. It is possible by simply going through command prompt and typeIPconfig/all. You will get your present IP address easily and click on exit from getting out of command prompt window.
  • Through comments on a particular picture or blog post, your IP address is traced by the owners of a particular blog. When you give your mobile to your friend, you can easily be trapped and allowing them to access your IP address easily. Through third parties, your friend those who used our IP address and accessing different sites. In this way, your IP address will be tracked easily.
  • It is also possible while you download apps and install in your device. When you are going to give an option allowing all your photos, videos and accessing capability to them with a single click namely allow. So it is advisable to not to download all apps unnecessarily especially not licensed apps to be ignored. This kind of situation is also possible through emails for the sake of stealing your data. But in this technological world, clever people are mostly available today. They have their own techniques to let their visiting sites be tracked or not and also checking whether their IP address is used on some other location or not can be traced out through current advanced technology. Social media, suspicious emails and all also let you giving your IP address to the system administrators or to hackers easily. So be careful in clicking out any email or ads on facebook and all.
  • Now a day’s taking alternative addresses and maintaining it as your own address is not a crime according to some people. Because, this led spying people think more intelligently before going to hack your IP address. Be aware of one thing that spending more time on online let the hackers or trackers easily steal your data by capturing your actual IP address. This risk can be eradicated by maintaining your system with alternative IP addresses.


Using a virtual private network, you can use dummy IP address provided by VPN providers. It is quite reliable and affordable too. In this way, you IP address can easily be masked up with new IP addresses. You can also prefer proxy IP addresses too.


Hence consequences happened in tracing out IP addresses is clearly defined in number of ways is as determined.