Purpose of Battery Regulator

One will find battery isolators on vehicles, trucks, boats and airplanes, and they are very useful to use as they prevent current drains caused by a weak or dead charger when connected along with a stronger battery. A battery regulator limits the range when electric current is added or drawn from the electric batteries, preventing from overcharging and also from over voltage.Battery regulators are also called as charge controllers, they prevent excessive battery charging within battery based power system.

Prevents Overcharging

If the batteries are overloaded, battery performance or lifespan is reduced and also causing a risk for safety, which can be controlled by battery regulator. Battery regulator also prevents a battery from draining completely and also controls dischargers based on technology used for battery to protect battery life. Battery regulator can be referred as controls circuits that are combined within a battery powered device or battery pack  or also referred as stand alone charge controllers. Battery regulators are also called as charge controllers, that are sold separately to customers in combination with solar power generators and are used for boats and home battery storage. Some regulators have low voltage disconnect feature, a separate circuit lowers the power load when the batteries become overload.Battery regulator also monitors battery temperature and prevent overheating and some have features that displays data and transmits data to remote displays and tracks electric flow through data logging. A shunt regulator disables overflow into batteries and diverts any excess load to an auxiliary battery.

Device Technologies

Voltage devices are set for a limit of battery charging and is stopped from over charging when there is overload with simple battery regulators and enable charging when there is drop in battery level. There are two technologies sophisticated electronically and to allow battery to reach its maximum capacity and the charging depends on this, they are; maximum powerpoint tracker (MPPT) and Pulse width modulation (PWM).Battery regulator circuits contains electrical components or may be compressed in a single chip as an integrated circuit, called as charge controller IC. These circuits are used for electronic devices that needs recharge such as laptops, cell phones, portable audio players, and other power supplies that are uninterruptible as well as for vehicles that have larger battery systems.