Photo editing could be perfectly done by this photographer-editor experts the Luna Photo Retouch, They are a small team whose expertise is to edit photos professionally. They know very well the business and what it means to protect the true creative style of a photo. Our team of editors is all experienced photographers and we all shine at giving top quality services.

To mention, wedding photo editing.

You might be asking on how long would it take to edit your wedding photos? The Luna team is always there with an open hand to help you in most convenient and fastest way. You can surely rely on them when it comes to wedding photo editing services. Edited wedding photos can be received within three to four working days with a prompt delivery via mail services after the edition.

wedding photo editing

Wedding Photo Edition Process:

  • The selection/ Culling-
  • Try to select your best wedding photos you have on hand and send them to the team. They will select the best images based on your instructions,
  • The Color Correction- this process depends largely on your own personal style. Since everyone is unique therefore you also have your own unique style that always deserves respect from the editing team.
  • The post-processing services- this services covers the individual adjustment of the primary panel within the Lightroom such as temperature, tint, exposure, contrast, shadows, clarity and saturation.
  • The retouching and Artistic Process our team comprises of highly skilled editors that are capable of all kind of photo retouching special wedding photos, blemish removal, and anything that needs to produce perfect photos. Just tell us exactly what you need and we will do it for you.

. Why choose Luna?

  • They are based mainly in Europe. works  meet  the European quality standards,
  • closely knowledgeable with the demand of western market in terms of quality, have a high-speed internet
  • Total control over the process- the client can contact directly the editor. In that case, clients can directly make request, changes, and can reach them out quickly if needed.
  • Have their own in-house team who can closely supervise so surely they could offer confidentiality and quality service. Gaining the confidence of clients could lead them to choose the team especially for delicate editing like wedding photo editing.
  • Consistent quality and results

Photos are edited by the same editor all throughout and it’s a guarantee that style you wish would be preserved and the quality always the best.