If you are going to the gym more often, then you will likely to see the arc trainer. This equipment is a unique machine for cardio exercise. This can help you get better results in lesser time. The name is from its patented advanced stride technology, which is the reverse arc motion. You will never place your toe behind your knee, which reduces stress to the knee joint. This will allow your arm and leg for optimal posture during exercise. You can visit website online to know more about the benefits of using this equipment.

gym pros wholesale gym equipmentWhat is with Arc Trainers?

The Cybex International uses the arc trainer as part of the fitness equipment line. This equipment is neither an elliptical nor a stepper tool for exercise. It uses a technology with a distinctive low-impact motion engages large muscle groups. These include the workouts on the thighs, to increase strength and burn calories. If you wish to try on this new exercise program, consult your health practitioner.

The Benefits Of This Machine

This trainer machine is popular and known the alternative motion cardio unit. This equipment offers extreme efficiency and effectiveness backed by exercise science. in general view, this is three machines in one. It glides like a cross-country skier in the lower incline levels. It strides like an elliptical in the middle part and at higher levels, it is a climber. This machine produces less stress on the knees than walking. This can be the ideal unit for general exercises. For those looking for a challenging workout, this too will work. Get the benefits of using this equipment: 

  • Effective Calorie Burning. The caloric use is higher on the Cybex arc trainer than the elliptical and motion trainer. This machine would result in the greatest reduction of body weight in the least amount of time.
  • Less Joint Stress. This machine is an effective way to get your heart rate up in a low-impact environment. Exercising using this machine allows you to experience a complete range of motion. You can have the complete workout for the knee and hip without placing undue stress on the joints. It has the patented stride technology moves legs in a biomechanically correct pathway.
  • More Muscle Engagement. This machine has much variable resistance and incline as well as longer arm features. If you are going to use the higher inclines, it emulates a stepping motion. This machine will help you to target the quadriceps muscles in the front of the upper thighs. For the lower inclines, you will increase the resistance target and tone the butt muscles. To get a harder upper body workout, use the longer arm feature. This will help you achieve this muscle tone while maintaining proper wrist alignment.gym pros wholesale gym equipment

Program Variety

For first time users, this equipment comes with 8 preset programs and 9 custom workouts. You can also use a program that simulates a series of hills. This unit offers three different exercise zones. You can do the glide as in cross-country skiing with the lowest zone. For the medium position, do the stride moves and the highest position will be the climb workouts. Aside from these varieties of workout programs, you can also enjoy the variety of grip options. You can try this by placing your hands on two different grip features on the arms. For more stability, try on the side rails.