You could be one of the people around the world that takes advantage and benefits of LED lights in your home, if yes then you might not know what its benefits are aside from being efficient when it comes to saving energy. Compared to other types of lighting available in the market today, when it comes to quality illumination and energy saving ability, LED lights to have a lot of edge over traditional lights.

In this article, I hope you could join us in reading the benefits and advantages of using this revolutionary and environment friendly lights that paved the way to a new era of lighting so here are some of its benefits that we’ve listed down just for you.

benefits of LED lights

  1. Longevity- When it comes to long-lasting quality, LED lights can last up to two decades if it is used at least eight hours a day while if its used continuously, non-stop, it can last for eleven years. Imagine that? This is not even up par compared to traditional lights that is costly in both the price and energy usage. This is because LED lights do not burn and stop functioning like standard and conventional lights and the lighting diodes of the LED can emit lower output levels resulting to long-lasting function with efficient illuminating abilities.
  2. Energy saver- When it comes to energy efficiency, LED lights are incomparable. Most offices, houses and other structures are using LED lights and replaced conventional lights many years ago. A lot of conventional lights manufacturers and brands have also shifted their products and started producing LED lights. An estimated 80 to 90-percent worth of energy is saved by LED lights compared to conventional light bulbs.
  3. Environment friendly- LED lights are toxic-free and made up of non-hazardous chemicals and materials compared to conventional fluorescent lamps where it contains large amounts of mercury and other harmful substances which is both harmful to our health and harmful to the environment. It is also recyclable which means it leaves little to no carbon footprint to the environment.
  4. Sturdy- When it comes to durability, LED lights are also on top this is because the materials used in manufacturing these kinds of lamps comes from sturdy components that doesn’t just last long but can also overcome harsh weather conditions. It is shock-resistant and can function even in rains and can function very well in other terrains it is installed.
  5. UV free- LED lights have zero ultraviolet emissions making it more environment friendly compared to other types of lamps and light bulbs. Because of this, LED lights is recommended to be used in UV sensitive objects, materials and places such as archeological sites, museums, and art galleries which are easily affected by the UV rays illuminated by conventional light bulbs which in the long run could damage it.
  6. Flexible- LED lights come with different sizes, designs and features making it very flexible for different uses. It is widely used for industrial purposes, home, offices, and street lamp posts. The new LED lamps for that fit any home nowadays can also be used for different functions and different places.