Need additional storage space for your household goods? The On Demand Storage service providers offer various options and combinations in which you can store your household stuff. They would come to your house, load your storage in their truck, transport those containers to their warehouse and store them in a climate-controlled facility, safe and secure till the time you need them back. Whenever you want your container back, you need to inform the storage company atleast 2 working days in advance, so that they could plan and get it delivered.

However, there are certainly some things you need to keep in mind while booking your storage space:

  • Always ensure that you send in those items for storage that are not required on a daily basis, else you will be asking your containers back every few days.
  • Book your container size as per the volume of stuff that you will store. Seek advice from the officials of the company on what size of container needs to be booked
  • You can store many items including clothes, toys, bedding, Books, photo Albums, DVDs, small electronic products, documents etc.
  • There are some prohibited items as well, which you will have to be careful about eg: any type of Food or edible items, perishable substances and articles should not be sent in for storage.
  • No dangerous articles, explosive or inflammable substances are allowed for storage.
  • Beware that you don’t pack any fragile or breakable items like Glass Crockery or Glass or crystal showpieces etc.
  • Anything that has life cannot be stored. Any type of animals and plants are also not allowed to be stored, only goods and items.
  • While you are storing documents, check each and every document carefully to avoid any important document, which you need on a daily basis, from being packed into it.
  • It is also advisable to make a note of all the items that you are sending for storage.
  • You need to also take care that the volume of stuff stored in a particular box does not exceed the maximum allowed limit as storage of overloaded boxes becomes a hassle and it may damage your container as well.

Just take care of these basic things and send in your goods for a safe, secure and invigilated Storage space and live your life clutter free.