Are you a coin collector? Want to get your coin graded but don’t know how? The truth is there are several ways you can get it done. There is no need to worry or panic just because you now want to to know the grade of your coin.  Here is an excellent guide on how you can get your coin grading done easily.

First and most importantly, you need to know the grading system. Whatever grade is placed on your coin, you must know what it means. So, you need to study the grading system thoroughly. Once you have studied the grading system, try to make an assessment of your coin. This will give you confidence as well as know-how of whether your coin is being graded appropriately or not.

grading system

Then, you can use online resources to get a grade for your coins. Many databases of coins are available and comparing your coin with them will also give you a good idea of what to expect. Alternatively, you can also get a book to help you with the knowledge or a coin grading app.

After that, you can hire a professional to take a look at your coin. Carrying your stuff over to the professional is a better idea than mailing your coins to be graded somewhere else. In the former case, at least you know where your coins are. So let a professional grade your coin and make sure you ask all the hows and whys relating to his conclusion. If you have done your research well, you will know how to handle the grade.

Renown services like PCGS and NGC can also be used for grading your coins. These are famous organizations that constantly assist in authentication, verification, and grading of coins. However, you will probably have to purchase a membership. Once you get a membership, you can get your coin graded by them.

Several online coin grading apps are also becoming popular. These apps assess your coins by taking pictures of them and comparing them with a database of coins present within the app. They then provide you with an estimated grade of your coin.