How does MRT station bring in more profits to the residents of Fourth Avenue Residences?

Just right at the heart of Bukit Timah, a newly developed residential area come to exist. Fourth Avenue Residences Sixth Avenue MRT Station who has been successfully bought by Allgreen Properties after winning the bid that worth a million. Without the help of the Government Land Sales Programme, the project will not come into reality. Allgreen Properties, being the 3rd successful bidder among the few, will be developing this residential area to become a perfect dwelling for everyone who wishes to avail The Fourth Avenue Residences which is said to be highly sought after the accomplishment of the project.

Since the site is found in the heart of comfortable and luxurious residential area, it would become the home of much influential academic association as well as the system for educating children are around the area. The accessibility of Sixth Avenue MRT station brings in more profits for Fourth Avenue Residences the reason why this newly developed project is highly sought by the homeowners.

luxurious residential area

The Fourth Avenue Residences and its Facilities:

Fourth Avenue Residences has an adequate and exclusive facility, which includes a

  • guard house- this is to ensure the safety and security of the residents from risk.
  • Clubhouse and function room- this could be used whenever the dwellers have family and friends gatherings and reunions.
  • indoor gym- this facility is fully intended for dwellers who are health and body conscious,
  • tennis court- sports minded homeowners could absolutely use the tennis court whenever they want to have a sports activity,
  • swimming pool- children and adult alike could use the pool whenever they want to refresh themselves and feel cool,
  • sun deck – ladies who wanted to have sunbathing and tanning may use this facility
  • BBQ pits for dwellers who are fond of eating BBQ and
  • children’s playground- is fully equipped for children’s use.

The condo’s facilities give a full amusement need for your family and loved ones. Be entertained in the calmness and peaceful lifestyle right in the heart of Bukit Timah.

The accessibility of Fourth Avenue Residences to other places:

Fourth Avenue Residences will be reachable with sixteen Avenue MRT station on the downtown line. For the homeowners who are riding buses, there are plenty of buses available along Bukit Timah. For homeowners who are driving to the city, Fourth Avenue Residences is situated right next to the Pan Island Expressway. An amazing and uncommon lifestyle awaits the dwellers at Fourth Avenue Residences right in the heart of Bukit Timah and Sixth Avenue.