Handy heaters are small heaters that can be placed in any room in order to provide instant heating. It can be used in small rooms and basements to great effect. Not only do handy heaters provide ideal heating, they are cheap and use less electricity. You can click this site to grab information.

With all these features it is necessary to know deeply about the product you are going to buy. Let us take a look at some of the features of handy heaters.

great features handy heaters

Salient features

1- Compact size
2- Digital display
3- Ease of use
4- Heats up to 250 square feet of a room
5- Instant heating
6- Thermo ceramic design
7- Electricity efficient
8- Low cost
9- Auto-shut down system

With all these great features handy heaters are a must have for the winter.


Always disconnect your heater when not in use. This will not only save it from wear and tear, it will also save up on your bills.


There are no known side-effects of handy heaters. They are safe and do not pose any health risk.


Handy heaters are a good as they are handy and can be used anywhere. You can take them with you to work or use them in any room. The auto-shutoff ensures that the temperature of the room remains as you desire it to be. It does not overheat. Handy heaters do not produce disturbing noises and work quietly on the side of your room to provide you warmth. Digital display ensures ease of use and simple temperature adjustment options. It has a nice sleek and beautiful look


The main drawback of the Handy heater is that it is designed for use in a small area. The design of the handy heater was actually made for small area use and not for bigger rooms. So you can ideally use it in small rooms, work cabins, basements, attics and your home workspaces. Click this site to grab information on handy heaters.