Get familiar with lines on your hands

Palmistry, is an art of reading an individual hands and predict their life events, which is a common practice in many parts of the world. Palmistry includes reading of hands, lines and shape of hands, fingers, fingernails, thumb positions, finger prints mounts, skin color, texture and patterns.Anyone who is interested to learn Palmistry, will have to know and learn about all these for making accurate predictions.

Explore your Palms

Explore your Palms

It is important to know that both palms of any person have no same lines or mounts and readings vary in women and men. One should first choose to read hand that indicates future, that is right hand,while, left hand indicates past and present. Most of them believe that right hand readings are for women and left for men, however both hands reading are significant in predictions. Usually, palm that shows future is dominant and other is passive. Before learning Palmistry, one should learn about major and minor lines of palm for future telling. Major lines falls into four categories: Head line,a line in middle of the hand and below the Heart line is Head line.Heart line,upper top line on hand that extends from thumb to other side of hand. Life line, starts from bottom mid, spreading through the thumb remains just under the Head line. Fate line, starts from bottom mid and curves upwards beyond the Heart line. Minor lines can be described in numerous ways as: marriage line, child line, health line, money line, travel line, sun line, ring of Saturn, ring of mercury and more. Palm lines indicates ups and downs of life, with an idea about past and future. Mounts and hand shape indicates general characters of a person.

Interpret Lines

Heart line indicates cardiac problems, emotions, romantic views and depression of an individual. Life line indicates a person’s well being, physical health, sudden changes in their life. Head line indicates a person’s creativity and attitude, while Fate line shows how life is affected by external forces and tell us the destiny of that person. Predictionsare accurate only when these lines, patterns and other factors disccused above are read properly by palm readers. Well versed palm readers interpret, judge and conclude by following various complicated steps and come to minute details. Conclusions are made based on tendency and probability along with certainty.