Game Types that You Can Play with Laser Tag

If you want a game that is versatile for all, it is time that you consider laser tags. Laser tag is played using guns that fire infrared rays. Players will need gun, taggers, and sensors to start. It will be easier to secure dynasty toys laser tag set and carrying case for kids multiplayer 4 pack than rent. If you know where to buy, you can find affordable laser tags.

If you are the host or organizer, it is imperative that you prepare the things before starting. Discuss the ground rules especially to newcomers. Equally, divide the teams and issue laser tag sets. Do not forget to decide on the game type. Here are some types that you can choose from:

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Team play

Team play is best for groups with four members. There will be a time limit. The teams will start covering specific areas. The team that can tag out all the other players on the opposite team wins the game.

Head to head

This is the most basic game type. This is suitable for smaller arenas at home. If you have a small number of players, head to head is the perfect game type. The two players will battle for supremacy. There is also a time limit. The player who tags the other first wins the game.

Capture the flag

This game type is very exciting because of the props and preparation of the arena. Two teams will battle with only one mission – capture the flag of the other team and return the flag to their home base. This game is best played outdoors or in big arenas. The team to return the flag wins the game.

Free for all

If you have an odd number of players say 3 or 5, this is the best game type.  The game is free for all. Giving all people chance to play the game is more fun but a bit chaotic. If only two players are left, you need to time it to keep the pace. The last man standing wins this game.

Central flag

This game typically involves a single flag. The goal of the teams here is to capture the single flag and return it to their home base. This game is best played outdoors or in big arenas. The team that succeeds in returning the flag to their home base wins the game.

Defend the base

As the name suggests, the team needs to defend their base from attackers. This will test the offensive and defensive strategies of the teams. If the opposite team succeeds in breaking the boundaries of the base, they win. There is only one goal here – to protect the base. This is best played outdoors or in big arenas.

With this, you know that you will never run out of something to do. The players will not get bored because there are many game types that they can play. More importantly, emphasize the value of sportsmanship and having fun. This is not an Olympic sport that you should get serious about. Enjoy the time with friends and family.