There are two types of IP addresses:

  1. Public IP address{WAN}-it faces outside the world
  2. Private IP address{LAN} used in the home network also known as the gateway IP address. It is a tool used to access the internet at home, the one that gathers information needed. If you need entry to your home network from the outside world you need the Public IP

How to find router ip in easy way:

Let’s start with the automatic already done for your version.

  • Your router’s public IP contains the following information;

Router’s Public IP, city, Zip code, country, and Coordinates. You can hide your IP address and location thru the use of VPN service to block undesirable spying.

internal network

Your router’s local {private} IP you need to investigate the internal network to see which one your router responds on. You need to click the router private up to open.

  • The Harder manual way to find your routers IP address:

You have to investigate or follow simple steps and commands to find your IP address manually.

You need to follow the quick and simple way to find out your router’s IP address. Just try to click and follow links.

Find your router’s Gateway IP address:

All you need to do is to follow these manual steps and commands–windows–macOS–Linux– IOS– Android

Find your router’s local address on Windows:

Make sure your network is connected then just follow the command found in the window.


  • What is the default gateway?

It is commonly the router’s internal IP address. example home devices such as PCs, laptop, and phones. They are used when soliciting pages and content on the web,

  • What is Private IP address?

Your modem has a private IP or internal IP used to impart with the devices in the local network.

  • Is it risky to share my public IP address with anyone?
  • Is it risky to share my public IP address with anyone?

The IP address that you have is your identity. It is possible for a person to find out your location,Upon looking at your IP address your location could be traceable.

  • Why should I know my router’s private IP address?

The devices in the network must need to that in order to communicate with the network.

  • What is an IP address?

It is a device connected to the internet. When your Computer connects to the internet it will be in the background site server  IP that serves the site.