It is quite interesting to note that the original wayfarer was in black color and it is still one of the bestselling ones among all other shades. But black wayfarers have become so common that they look a little outdated and do not really add much to the overall look other than just hiding your eyes and age. There are various shades available that you can shop during Ray Ban Wayfarer sale and enhance your look and personality like never before. It is also important to note that the different lens coatings can cause your eyes to react differently to the incoming light rays and different ones are suitable for different activities.

original wayfarer

Gray and Green – Gray and green have a lot in common and hence, they are grouped together. Technically, they are neutral and cut the intensity of the light falling on them without changing the actual color of the objects. They reduce eyestrain but enhance depth perception. They are ideal for all those activities where the original color of the objects is important to perceive like while driving a car or bike.

Brown – Brown shades of wayfarers are very popular and they cause a color distortion so that the color effect on the eyes is soothing. They are best when you are going out in the sun or lying on the beach. The quality of light will be great just like the contrast and depth. During Ray Ban Wayfarer sale, people buy them the most for regular usage.

Yellow and Gold – Both of them are very similar in the color scale the contrast provided is excellent. But they are slightly less effective against the brightness of the outdoor lights. They are best when you are in a region of low light conditions like indoors or in cloudy seasons. They can amplify the available light and they are considered to be the best for snow-related activities and sports.

Rose and Vermilion – These are the favorite shades of females and various celebrities put them on. They are best for wearing them for hours without straining the eye. They are general purpose shades and suitable for most of the activities.

Apart from these, the blue or purple shades are popular but they are mostly for fashion purpose only.