Black Hawk supply offers best HVAC control valves and actuators that are specifically designed for each other. These actuators and valves offer quick and easy installation for many applications. At Black Hawk Supply, you can choose from plenty of valve and actuator combinations that are built with the aim to deliver long-lasting, dependable and leak-proof performance. Black Hawk Supply HVAC ball valves range from half an inch to 20 inches, and they feature your choice of electric, pneumatic, non spring return and spring return actuation. They provide best Johnson controls actuators & valves.

Electric Valve Actuators

Here are a few benefits of Johnson controls actuators and valves that are available in Black Hawk Supply online website.

Johnson Controls Linear Stoke Electric Valve Actuators

This VA7800 series johnson controls linear stoke electric valve actuators control all the VG7000 Series valves from ¬Ĺ inch to 2 inches by providing a force of nearly 180 lb. These VA7800 actuators accept the different type of control signals that are based upon DIP switch position and spring return. For power, they require a source of 24VAC.

Johnson Controls Medium & Heavy Duty Non-Spring Return Direct Coupled Actuators

Johnson allows the systems to control medium and heavy duty non-spring return actuators that provide control over dampers and valves with required torque to get the job done.

Johnson Controls Light Duty Spring Return Actuators

These Johnson Controls light duty spring return actuators offer to safe control over small dampers and small valves by providing just enough force to get the job done.

Johnson controls proportional /and Incremental and light-duty actuators for valves

The Johnson VA-715X Series synchronous motor-driven actuator offers incremental and proportional control of valves with up to three by fourth inches stroke. The non-spring return electric actuators will have a 90 lb force output for on floating or off-floating or proportional control. Here you can also have adaptor kits that are used for the application of these actuators to various manufacturers’ valves.

Cooling and heating equipment professionals from all across the world come to the Black Hawk suppliers as they can avail top quality products they require. The actuators and valves available at this store offer you with all required specifications. Black Hawk suppliers are particularly specialized in providing HVAC products to complete a total range of jobs that need to be done. With plenty of heating and cooling equipment, this Black Hawk supply site offers an expansive supply chain of quality HVAC supplies like heating and cooling equipment, zoning equipment, dampers and much more.