Dating is a stage in life where two people meet with an intention of knowing each other to take their relationship to the next level i.e.; either an intimate relationship or marriage. The methods of dating differ from country to country and person to person. It is the stage where two person get to know each other whether they are sexually, emotionally or romantically compatible with each other or not. Now a day, dating can be done through telephone or computer or meet that person personally.

Dating also involves two or more people who have mutually agreed to share romantic or sexual feelings towards each other. They regularly date people to know them better and maintain their relationship.

Dating as social relationship


According to the point of anthropology and sociology, earlier dating was linked with the motive of carrying out marriages but this thought is changing among the people. According to Sapolsky, humans are in the center of spectrum where humans form bonds but there are chances that partners may cheat or change. In twentieth century dating was considered as two people meeting with the social activity of creating friendship.

Dating as social relationship

Social rules about dating are different for instance- country, social class, race, religion, age, sexual and gender. The patterns of dating are changing gradually both in written as well as practically. The common method is where the person tries to explore their partners with a motive to form permanent relationship. It is when the people are together in public rather than talking via email or text only.

For example: If two celebrities are seen together then they are assumed to be dating, because they are seen in public together, exploring more intimate relation or romantically involved.

Meeting places

There are many ways to meet dates such as online dating, blind dates, dating websites office romance, speed dating, and others. Some people prefer to meet each other even at their homes by planning something different to make their partners feel special.

Increasing pace of dating

Now a days, dating is constantly becoming popular among youngsters as they are able to get their perfect partners they desired for by having conversations and meeting which helps them in knowing each other in a better way.Courting and dating work hand in hand when we meet the person for the first time. Finding partner is no longer difficult everyone is todays age can find their perfect love partners.