If you decided to get a condo unit in Singapore, it is prudent to consider new developments like Botanik Residence Tuan Sing Holdings. As soon as you decided on the developer, the next thing to consider is organising. The reality is that when you live in condos, your space is kind of limited but it doesn’t mean it is not comfortable.

It will be comfortable and convenient for sure but if you have many things, you will find it hard to settle. Organising is challenging because you have to be practical at the same time tap your creative spirit. With the right organisation, even the smallest living quarters can make a fantastic home. Here are some brilliant tips for small spaces that you can consider:

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Opt for open shelving

If you want your kitchen to look more spacious, the best thing to consider is open shelving. Open shelving is a pretty idea especially if you want to show off your favorite china or dishes while keeping it airy and open.

Think of closets as a home office

If you have adequate-sized closets, you can organise it and make it a home office. You just need to install shelves and a small table inside enough to put your computer and other documents. When you use it, you just need to pull a chair then start working on any project. If you are not using it, you can easily shut it away. This is a great space saver if you are working at home.

Set up loft beds

A loft bed is a thing these days. It should be considered if you want to leave the floor space open. You can take advantage of the unused space under the loft bed and consider putting a desk or a seating area.

Choose convertible furniture

When you live in a small house, sometimes it is not easy to give every activity a room. Fortunately, there are many convertible furniture pieces these days. Convertible furniture pieces are perfect. It will be easy to switch from living room to bedroom or office to dining area.

Select bunk beds

The ultimate space-saving piece of furniture is bunk beds. If you have many children, this is the best option. Bunk beds are now pretty great. Multiple beds allow two to three children to share the same room. They won’t mind because it is fun. Bunk beds are good because it can fit into one corner of the room leaving ample space for children to play.

Consider bathroom-shelving unit

You know that every square inch counts in a small bathroom. With this, you need to consider bathroom-shelving units. The shelves will make the most of your wall space by going vertical. The thing is, you can build a shelf or you can buy more economical woods like pine or oak.

Check out the laundry room cart

There won’t be enough laundry room space but you have to know that there is a narrow space next to the washing space and dryer. You can build or have someone build a skinny laundry cart to hold detergents and other laundry supplies.

Having a small space is not a problem but having many things is. It is crucial that you make the most out of your space if you want to accommodate all your things.