Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital currency that is encrypted, that is functional with process known as crypto mining. Here it refers to transfer of money from one peer to another peer using electronic cash system after thorough verification and addition into blockchain digital ledger. This electronic money is also known as virtual currency and alternative currency that is built on cryptography and not secured by any people or trust, depends on math. Let’s make you familiar with variety of kripto para birimleri available on internet. Such type of new currency can be formed at any time. Check these top rated crypto currencies that are listed in the blockchain network in order of capitalization: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Monroe.

Crypto currency trading

Things you should know before starting your Cryptocurrency Trading:

In order to start your Crypto currency trading one need to have the following things:

  1. A Cryptocurrency Wallet: This digital wallet is one of the reliable sources to store, send and receive digital currency like Bitcoin Core Wallet for Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallet for Ethereum etc. Often such coins have official wallet or sometimes they recommend to third parties. To your surprise there are also other wallets like a)Universal Wallets-HolyTransaction and Coinomi, b)Custodial Wallets-Coinbase and c)Hardware Wallets-TREZOR and Nano S.
  2. A Cryptocurrency Exchange: It deals with an online platform where you can exchange one type of currency into another form (like Rupees to Dollars as fiat currency). In simple words it is more of like stock exchange or the currency exchanged in airports or banks. The different types of exchanges are Traditional Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Cryptocurrency Brokers, Direct Trading Platforms and Cryptocurrency Funds.

The one who who intends to invest in kripto para birimleri rather than buying/selling/trading can opt the following:

  • The new investor can choose the GBTC trust that is sold on Stock Exchange.
  • A Cryptocurrency IRA set up by any financial institution.
  • A wallet to store such coins inside like bank account and an exchange to buy more coins.
  • An exchange broker wallet hybrid includes Coinbase/GDAX that allows one to trade using single platform by investing directly.


Crypto currency is that digital gold which is private and anonymous currency that had become the means of payment worldwide fastest in the form of black market and other unlawful activities. It is thus that incredible dynamic currency which resulted in the fastest growth rate for investors and speculators worldwide in the market like stock exchange.