People are fascinated with term love. It can happen over a period or instantly. Meeting someone online may not always result in love, it may turn into a friendship or remain platonic. The looks of the person may attract you towards them, but it is just infatuation. The compatibility and qualities a person may possess draw one to other. There is the time people fall for each other initially and they may drift apart eventually.

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The process of getting romantically involved

When you meet someone online and may speak to them for several hours, unless you develop the connection, love may not happen. If you personally meet the person one on one, a chemistry may develop. The online app would help you find a potential partner but it’s in the hands of the person whether to take it forward for there or move on. The possibilities are numerous but picking that suits best for your temperament and preferences would perhaps be hard.

The warmth exuding from their words and positivity and vibes also matter. The mannerisms and their behaviour towards others also can be gauged when you meet the person and decide will the person be the right one for you. Knowing that online relationship may not be the real thing but can lead you to one. It just forms the medium of progression to something more concrete and solid in terms of a relationship and stability.

Intricacies in relationships

The significant amount of time one spends with each other also matters, wherein you understand each other better and can decide if you really want to spend the rest of your lives together or not. The person should basically be there for you always, and not zone you out when you are at your worst or having a dreadful day. Here, the words don’t do the trick, but empathising would certainly have a fuzzy feeling for the other.

Being the true person as you are and the other reciprocating the same instead of putting a façade on when meeting the other would be equally unsettling when the truth eventually will come out, that is if you further your meetings. Some people are flashy some dress down, but what’s in their heart and behind all the makeup and trendiness counts when you want that person to be with you for the rest of their lives.