Showering is a way of pampering yourself after a day’s work. It is important that you enjoy every moment of it. With this, choosing the right shower head can make a difference. You may think that shower heads are insignificant but you will be surprised that it can make or break your shower moments.

The good news is that you have a wide selection of shower heads online but picking the right one may be overwhelming. When you look for shower heads online, you need to first consider best shower head, shower head reviews or This is to narrow down your options. Here are other things that you should consider in terms of picking the right shower head:

shower heads online

The type of shower head

Knowing the specific type of shower head that you need is the first step. There are different types of shower head – fixed, handheld and shower heads with hand showers.

A. Fixed shower heads are mounted permanently to the wall. If you want to adjust it, there are fixed shower heads with adjustable height.

B. The next type is hand-held shower heads. These shower heads are connected to the wall through a house or flexible tube. The good thing about this shower head is it offers a range of motion. It is easily identifiable because of the visible mount bracket that is used to hang the shower head. The length will depend on your needs. This is most useful if you have kids and pets.

C. The last type is the shower head with hand showers. If you cannot decide between fixed and hand-held, this is the most practical thing to consider since it can function as both.

Materials used

After deciding the type of shower head, the next thing that you should consider is the material used. You can choose from metal, plastic and solid brass.


You have to know that hand-held and fixed shower heads come in different finishes. When choosing, you have to think about other faucets in your bathroom to maintain your theme. It should complement others. The popular colors and finishes include off-white, antique brass, polished nickel, polished chrome, copper, and oil-bronze.

Energy savers

It is crucial that you help the environment no matter how little your contribution is. You should look for shower heads with energy saving label on it. These shower heads have low-flow that consumes less water compared to other models. Low-flow will eventually translate to lower energy costs.

Spray patterns

The spray pattern is another thing that you should think about. Basically, shower heads offer three types of shower patterns – wide coverage, drenching and targeted. The ideal for daily use is wide coverage, which is like drenching rain. The drenching spray pattern is perfect when you rinse shampoo and the targeted pattern is excellent in generating sharp spray for sore muscles.

Now that you know these things, you are one step closer to having the perfect shower head. To maintain it, you need to clean it regularly.