5 Ways to Prevent Shipping Container Investment Frauds

Approximately 90% of world trade relies on export and import. No wonder leasing and trading investment opportunities are available e.g. shipping container trading and shipping container leasing. When it comes to hard assets industry, a lot of companies globally compete and work hard to meet the interest of clients and give them the service they want.

Despite the major advantages of shipping container investments, frauds are still present out there. Therefore, it’s worth learning whether companies appear to be true and transparent with their services – or not. With the lengthy and at times complicated procedures, it’s worth knowing whether a company is good or not.

advantages of shipping container

Don’t always believe the online forums.

You ask questions and then so-called investors back up the claims. But, do you think that they’re telling the truth or the lies? Remember that competition is inevitable. So, there’s that slight chance that companies will hire people to leave good comments and reviews about them.

What should you do?

It’s advised to get to know more about the company. Investigate. Find out whether all the online comments are true or sugar coated lies.

Research before investing.

Unsolicited emails, newsletters, company news release & other similar things must not be the only criteria to use when making investment decisions. Look for the company’s financial status, understand their services and get to know the people. It pays to understand whether a company is legit or a fraud.

Stay protected online.

There are thousands of social media marketing which circulate on the web on a daily basis – and these provide a wealth of opportunity for possible fraudsters. Before clicking that ‘submit’ or ‘I Agree’ button, know the differences between a fake and authentic site. Don’t just click anything with less thought, especially if your security and privacy are at stake.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Compare the promotional offers and services and create a summary. Any investment opportunity which claims that they can give more could be risky – and this means there’s a possibility of losing some money. Be leery of companies that strongly assert that can provide ‘Incredible gains’ or ‘huge upsides and 0% risk’. These claims are highly dangerous and could be a scam.

Know what to search for

It’s wise to learn how to distinguish a fraud from a real one. By being knowledgeable, you’ll protect not only your current investments but your future assets too.

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