5 Steps For Creating A Compelling Explainer Video

Explainer videos are effective tools for promoting your product or service and converting videos into customers. These videos are used by companies today with the goal of conversion in mind. If you want people to better understand your product and urge them to buy, explainer videos for business are the way to go. But why do these videos work so well for some and not effective for others. The problem may not be the product or service but the video itself. Here are some  ways you can create an effective video.

Create a strong script

Most people believe that videos will convert if it has flashy animations and visuals. To a certain extent, this is true but what can deliver conversion is the script. The important thing when creating a video is to write the script yourself. As much as possible, do not let someone from outside write the script. After all, no one knows your business or target audience as well as you do. Only you know the problem your customers face and how to solve them.

Do Market Research First

explainer videos for business

In order to write the script for your explainer videos for business, you first need to know the problems your customers are suffering. What do they not like about your product? Why are you not converting? You can conduct surveys and questionnaires related to your product such as issues that prevents them from buying your product and other specific items about your product.

Write the script

Keep your videos short. Aim for a maximum of 2-3 minutes or around 250-300 words of script. Go beyond that will translate to lost customer. The goal of your script is to answer all the questions and clear out all confusions that your customers may have.

Find A Good Voice Over

The voice you will use in your video will have a huge impact. As there will be a lot of talk involved, make sure that the voice is clear, pleasant and not monotonous or boring. You have an option to hire a freelance voiceover artist.

Find A Video Company

A professional explainer video company can help you get the job done but it will cost you. A large video production company can be expensive but it may take some time because there may be other orders in the queue. Alternatively, you can hire a freelance video professional to create the video for you. Freelancers can usually create a video for you much faster and at a cheaper price.